diversion: an attack or feint that draws the attention and force of an enemy from the point of the principal operation

I recently recognized something about myself. The easiest way for a man to seduce me is the same technique used by pickpocketers and agents: the diversion tactic. I’m not sure if all women are wired this way but I have a correlative relationship between my brain and my body that works like this: if my body is mechanically but rigorously engaged in an activity (like running) my brain works better. In college I would literally run miles (sometimes 10 or 15) and compose entire papers or parts of my thesis in my head. All of my best written work was constructed in my mind during these runs. I have written and practiced speeches and presentations while on the elliptical and it is the most effective way for me to get the results I desire.

If Body = Occupied, then Brain = Open

Conversely, the most efficient way for a man to get me into a lascivious state is to thoroughly occupy my brain. The key however to this maneuver is to deliver it with conviction as well as insouciance for my own opinion – drawing me into his mind space and thus leaving my body unguarded.

If Brain = Occupied, the Body = Open

An even more powerful formula is the concatenation of the Brain and Sympathy approach. If a guy can reveal something about himself that engages my sympathy (i.e. his father died at age 5 and his mom struggled as a single parent to raise him and 5 sisters and brothers by working 5 jobs) AND he distracts me with an impassioned argument for why Rachmaninoff is a superior composer to Beethoven or why the invasion of Iraq was tactically the right thing to do, I basically open the gates and hand him the keys.

If Brain = Occupied AND Sympathies = Engaged, then Body = All you can consume

I don’t know if this goes for all women but I’d venture a guess that the latter formulas apply to any who have half a brain. Granted this only works if guy > average looking.