Recently I had dinner with my family – we had finished the main course and cleared the table and were all sitting down for coffee and dessert. I had just come into the dining room with my cup of coffee in hand, about to sit down and relax and enjoy an end to our meal, when my father, seated down at the opposite end of the table, asked, in his sweetest fatherly voice, “Angel Pie, can you get me a cup of coffee?

I smiled tightly, mildly annoyed (he could have asked before I went and got some), and answered in mocking geniality, “Anything for you, Dad.”

When I returned with his cup of coffee, I sat it down in front of him, but not without making a honey-veiled quip: “You just hate being catered to…

He thanked me but when I took my seat, he replied, “Yes, and some people forget when their fathers drive an hour down on a Saturday to move their daughter’s bedroom mirror an inch higher, and then ten minutes later drive an hour home because their daughter is too hungover to go to lunch.

Hmmm, yes, as a matter of fact, I forgot about that.

How many times do I self-righteously criticize and antagonize others for the very things I am guilty of? Ego is seeing our faults in everyone else and not ourself.